Friday, December 7, 2012


So this last week it snowed here in the Jiu Valley. Those of you that know me know that I love winter, and this also means that this last week is a first for some things and a last for some things as well. As the snow falls it brings forth memories from the last few months here in Romania. It reminds me of all the amazing people I have met, and the good friends I have made. It also brings to light the awesome activities I have done, such as caving, biking, and, of course, playing Ping-Pong with my host brothers.

Looking back on the semester, I have done quite a lot, and I have learned a lot as well. I climbed a mountain with some amazing friends. I learned what Romanian hospitality looks like, and how it feels once again to become part of a family. This semester has been a great reaffirmation of what my vocation (my calling) is, how it can be used to impact people, and how passion can inspire people. Being here has reminded me that anyone can teach you a lesson, and that learning is a never-ending process. Being here has also made these classmates of mine into brothers and sisters of mine

Seeing how the semester has progressed I am realizing that, I have changed, and I will be going back a different and hopefully better person. I realize that this awesome experience I have had, will need to be communicated properly to those who have not been here with me. I will be going home with a slightly better understanding of where I fit within God’s ultimate story. I know I will be telling stories from this semester for years to come, to people who want to hear, and to those who probably have no idea what I have done.

As the snow falls, it covers everything, and each snowflake is unique. That is how I want my story to be: I want to cover as much as I can, but yet I want it to be unique. I know that I can never cover everything in this experience with just a simple story, but I hope that I can tell the most important parts of this semester’s story with passion. As one season ends another begins. This is how I feel about my life one season is ending, but another one is just starting to begin.

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